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Furnace Equipment for Aluminum Based Alloy

Aluminum has a wide range of application and the manufacturing process of aluminum products is extremely complicated. Huitai Technology is a foundry equipment manufacturer which provides a series of aluminum alloy melting plant related equipment including melting and holding furnace, holding furnace, homogenizing furnace, casting equipment, casting platform, melting furnace charging machine, cooling equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

Due to the light weight and strong surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy, it is used to manufacture various types of components and machine parts through high pressure die casting (HPDC). The aluminum processing equipment from Huitai Technology can perform aluminum heating process on the aluminum alloy to manufacture aluminum rod and billet. At present, our aluminum equipment is sold all over the nation and in more than 20 foreign countries to the aluminum products manufacturing factory. We are confident to provide high quality melting and holding equipment.